Ways to strike by using a sword

Have you ever tried to strike by using a Damascus steel sword, you can check the guide from here. By backing out from striking range, disarming your attacker, avoid using the other arm for defense sake and never making a mistake of throwing your sword while you are in attacking mode- these are important rules if you want to strike your enemy with a sword.

Rules to strike with a sword

Backing out of the striking range

The sword fighting is not only about getting closer and closer to your opponent. It is also about staying out of the striking range. Most of the sword fights revolve around dodging and ducking and waiting for the moment to disarm. If this does happen then you will likely to be attacked by your opponent. First, you have to evaluate and observe your surroundings. Move into the open space where you can move forward and backward easily with your sword.

Making attempts to disarm the sword of your attacker

You can make many attempts to disarm the sword of your attacker. Whenever your opponent is going to attack you, then your counter-strike has to be swift in its motion and also accurate. Your enemy might make a wild kind of slash just closer to your face. Take this step as the first opportunity and quickly fight back with your enemy. Try to end the sword fight as on the immediate basis and evade to prolong it. If he is going to slash towards your stomach, then you have to move with your opponent as well. Taking big steps is important in sword fighting. When your enemy is going to extend his arm, then you should bring your sword over his forearm or you can point it downwards. Make uncountable attempts to drop down your challenger sword.

Avoid using your other arm for protection

You should not ever be using your other arm for the protection. This is a misconception that other arm of yours will shield yourself. Your blocking arm might get slashes from your opponent side and this will result in loss of blood from your blocking hand. This action will bring you into an unlikely proposition. You have to learn about those actions that how a sword can be used right in single maneuvers. But when it comes to protecting your throat or hand, then you have to offer and take out your sacrificing arm in this situation. Try to be fast and quick while using any disarming strikes.

Never and ever throw your sword

The last and an absolute thing which you have to do during counter-attacking, never throw or lose your sword. In a one-on-one sword fight, losing a sword, that means you are losing a fight. It is difficult to defend yourself without a sword when you are one-on-one with your attacker. To strike your challenger with a thrown sword, it all means that you are putting yourself in a trouble and will lose your defending tool.

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